Arsene Wenger wants Arsenal to compete with PSG’s ‘unlimited financial potential’ when we face them in the Champions League.

The Parisian giants are definitely the most challenging club that we’ve been drawn against in the Champions League this season and, if I’m honest, I don’t see us faring well against their ever-growing squad of superstars.

Saying this, of course we can at least give it a go and naturally Wenger reckons we’re capable of winning.

“They are the team who has absolutely unlimited financial potential and they have bought really well,” Wenger said ahead of Watford.

“But of course we want to challenge that. We’ll see – it’s a good test for us to play against PSG. Our first game is on the 13th of September, let’s hope we can get a good first result there. They have hit the headlines on the transfer market in the last five or six years.”

PSG have quickly become known as one of the world’s richest clubs and you do have to wonder when their spending will stop, if ever.

Arsenal will (most likely) never be able to compete financially with the Ligue 1 club but at least we can attempt to on the pitch. Our team used to be known for playing beautiful football effectively; if we can just return to that, as well as complete the appropriate signings, then we should be onto a good thing.

Can you tell I’m feeling optimistic?