Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he’d like to extend Serge Gnabry’s existing contract with Arsenal despite Hertha Berlain still reportedly wanting the German star on loan.

The 21-year-old is out of contract in June 2017 so it stands to reason that if we were going to offer him an extension, it would be soon. The German youngster has scored six goals in four appearances at Rio 2016 and appears to be keeping fit – something we’ve an issue with in the past and, as we pointed out previously, could be the reason that we haven’t press for a fresh deal just yet.

Saying this, Hertha Berlin, a club that Gnabry has been linked to before, have been recently rumoured to want the winger with the latest reports claiming that it could be a loan deal, which would make much more sense if Arsenal really are going to do as Wenger wants and extend his current contract.

A decent loan move could be great for the youngster.

We’ll have more details on this one as it unfolds.