Last Sunday, things went from bad to worse for Petr Cech as he crashed into a pillar in the Emirates’ car park after we’d just lost 4-3 to Liverpool.

The goalkeeper messed up the front of his car pretty badly and although it would probably cost pennies for him (comparatively) to have repaired, it was just one more thing to go wrong for him.

“It was just one of those days,” the ex-Chelsea man explained.

“We were just getting out of the car park and talking about the game when suddenly I just heard ‘careful!’ and that was it.”

We’ve all had days like those. Although I think we’re perfectly within our rights to blame Liverpool for this as well; he was clearly so traumitised by the match that he managed to crash his car!

Cech went on to explain that no one was hurt and laughed off the incident, which just shows how filthy rich he must be considering I don’t know a single person who would laugh at crashing their car.

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