Following the end of the qualifying round, UEFA have disclosed the seeding for upcoming the Round of 32 draw next Thursday in Nyon.

Unlike in the men’s competition the English entries, Man City and Chelsea, are unseeded.

The seeding system is simple and rewards the teams who have been regulars in the competition. The coefficient is calculated as follows: UEFA adds the club coefficient in the last five years tournaments plus 33% of the National Association coefficient in the last five years.

Manchester City have a zero-point club coefficient as it is their first participation so only have 16.830 points from the 33% of the England coefficient.

Chelsea’s coefficient is a little higher because they have eight points from last season’s tournament, when they were debutantes, plus 16.830 from the England coefficient.

The teams to avoid for the two English teams are perennial favourites (winners and runners-up from last season) Olympique Lyonnais and Wolfsburg.

The next teams are not as strong as those two but still difficult to beat – Rosengard, PSG and FC Bayern Munchen

The other eleven sides are challenging, but Chelsea and Manchester City are strong enough and would have a 50/50 chance or even be favourites against those sides.

The UEFA WCL final will be played in Cardiff on Thursday 1 June 2017, two days before the men’s final and will be played at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Here are the all important dates for the 2016/17 tournament

Round of 32 draw: 1 September
Round of 32: 5/6 & 12/13 October
Round of 16 draw: 17 October
Round of 16: 9/10 November & 16/17 November
Quarter-final & Semi-final draw: 25 November
Quarter-finals: 22/23 & 29/30 March
Semi-finals: 22/23 & 29/30 April
Final (Cardiff City Stadium): 1 June