Arsenal are allegedly ready to offer more than €16m for Bruno Peres in a new version of the same story that has been doing the rounds for almost a week now.

Dressing it up like it is a development, many sites in Italy were claiming that Arsenal were getting ready to offer a new amount after seeing a previous bid of €16m for the central defender turned down as they look to plug a massive BFG-shaped hole in their side.

How these websites know what Arsenal’s intentions are never ceases to baffle me. How they know the amount Arsenal are prepared to pay blows my mind, but apparently Arsenal phoned to ask ‘how much?’

I read this latest instalment on Tuttomercatoweb who got it from Tuttosport but by the time I went to check their site to see where they’d got it from, it wasn’t working for me or any of the people I asked to check that it wasn’t just my internet connection being an arse.

TMW, who often do have good contacts with agents and the like, claim that Wolfsburg might also make a move for the defender in the coming weeks.

I’d believe that before I’d believe they know anything about Arsenal’s intentions.