Mallorca’s manager, Fernando Vazquez, has no doubt about the level Julio Pleguezuelo will be able to play at – he did come from Arsenal after all!

Speaking after landing the 19-year-old centreback on loan, Vazquez told the media, “Let’s see what level he has, but coming from where he comes, there is little doubt about it.”

Pleguezuelo signed for Arsenal from Barcelona but was born on the island of Mallorca.

A mainstay of the under-21s, Pleguezuelo is a fine reader of the game but the arrival of Kristian Bielik has seen the youngster fall down the pecking order at the club.

The Spaniard becomes the fourth player to be sent out on loan, five if you count Tafari Moore’s move to Holland which hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Pleguezuelo has already trained with Mallorca before any official announcement. There will be no option-to-buy included in the loan agreement.