We all know that Jurgen Klopp loves Arsene Wenger and the feeling is mutual.

It makes it hard to hate him the way you should a Liverpool manager, especially when he continues to be reasonable, rational and sing the praises of the Arsenal boss.

Speaking to the press on Friday at his pre-match press conference, Klopp hailed Wenger as a ‘legend’.

“He’s a legend,” Klopp told reporters. “That’s how it is.

“Becoming an Arsenal legend is not the most easy job in the world. I am pretty sure they’ve had a pre-season that they’re fine with. They’ve had a few injury problems, but we should not think too much about them.

“They will still be active in the transfer market. I read today in the newspaper that Arsene said he will work as long as he is physically able to.

That’s one plan for life! It shows how big his love is for the game and for the work he is doing.

“He is very experienced and a very good manager, so if we win it will not be because of him!”

He also called him very smart:


Compare that to how a certain Envious One, who is now at Old Trafford, speaks about Wenger and you realise why Klopp will always have more class in his beard than Mourinho will ever gather in his entire life.

Watch his full press conference in the video below (19 minutes)


And if you still have some time to spare, here he is talking Arsene and Arsenal at length a few months ago: