Inter Milan are allegedly preparing an €80m offer for Alexis Sanchez, presumably looking to replace Mauro Icardi who could be on his way to Napoli.

Could, would, should, blah blah blah.

Of course, with Arsenal looking for their own front man, there isn’t any way they will let Sanchez go with fans already on edge over the transfer window so far, but let’s break this down regardless.

The reports seem to have started in Don Balon and quickly spread to Chile where it is claimed that Sanchez would be happy to return to Italy.

I’m sure he would be, who wouldn’t like to live in Italy? But that fact, if it is a fact, does not mean he doesn’t also love living in London and playing for Arsenal which he clearly does.

The report then closes by saying, “Alexis Sanchez has repeatedly stated his desire is to play in a club prepared to win the Champions League, the situation at Arsenal is very distant.”

Given that Sanchez rarely ever speaks to the media, you do have to wonder who he is repeatedly telling. Perhaps the same people who seem to know all about these bids clubs are ‘preparing.’

As we enter the final two years of his contract (and Mesut Ozil’s) the media nonsense has already started, linking them with moves and unhappiness.

Talks of rejected contracts and rebuffed offers are just over the horizon.

When you see them, pay them no heed.

Neither of them are going anywhere, no matter how many offers other clubs ‘prepare.’