When it comes to the connection between fans and the club they support, sometimes you couldn’t feel further away.

This is certainly how it feels as an Arsenal fan, never more so than recently as the club distances itself more from its base with every passing season.

So when I saw this tweet, I couldn’t help but think how little it would take for Arsenal to make the fans feel like they cared about them, even just a little bit. To acknowledge that they are important part of the club, a vital cog who are not just walking cash cows.

I wouldn’t want them to do this, because it looks awful, but as a gesture, it rocks.

Basically, FC Lokomotiv Moscow printed photos of their season ticket holders within the numbers of the player’s shirts.

Imagine how you’d feel to knowing your face was on Mesut Ozil’s shirt as he assisted his way around the Premier League.

Of course, Arsenal have significantly more season ticket holders than the Russian side which makes this idea a little tricky, but it shows how a simple gesture could mean the world to weary fans and help close the divide, if even just a little.