The huge news that broke overnight and has continued into Wednesday morning is that Julian Draxler has told Bild that he wants to leave Wolfsburg.

The German outlet reports that the 22-year-old is unhappy with his situation as he feels he’s been let down and sold promises that haven’t come to fruition. Draxler even claims that he made his feelings known to Wolfsburg three weeks ago.

“Before one goes public, they should also have a word with myself,” he said.

“For me it is so that I have expressed myself clearly after the Euros, with Dieter Hecking, that I want to leave Wolfsburg. The coach knows for more than three weeks.

“Two days after the semi-final at the European Championships I told him how I see the whole situation and what I want, which is to leave the club.”

544238776 germanys midfielder julian draxler reacts gettyimages
Germany’s midfielder Julian Draxler reacts during the Euro 2016 quarter-final football match between Germany and Italy at the Matmut Atlantique stadium in Bordeaux on July 2, 2016.(PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Draxler added, “I was verbally assured with my transfer in August 2015 that I can leave the club when given opportunities. Both from Hecking, as well as Allofs.

“It was always clear between all parties that I would like to go to a top international club if the opportunity arises. It was discussed that we speak rationally with one another, if other clubs show interest.”


It’s unusual that a player will come out in the press and talk about their annoyance with their current club. Usually, this would all be behind closed doors and perhaps a better contract would be negotiated for him or he would leave. The fact that he’s being so open about this is almost like waving the dinner bell – he wants to leave and he wants to leave now. His comments smack of frustration.

Arsenal have been linked to Draxler for a few seasons now and this summer is no different. However, I’m still not convinced anything will actually come of this. Juventus are also reportedly interested and our attention seems to be firmly on other players.

Saying this, perhaps this plea will give Arsene Wenger a little nudge.

Stay tuned for a more an updated post later.