Not long after the CEO of Viking FK said that they were in talks to take Kelechi Nwakali on loan, it was announced that he had joined MVV Maastricht.

Signed this summer, the CEO of Viking said that Arsenal wanted to keep him until his six month work visa expired, so it’s not clear at this point

The tweet says: Attacking midfielder Nwakali Arsenal to #MVV. Player is on loan.

So. What we’ve learned today is that even the CEO’s of some clubs don’t know what’s going on…

Stefan O’Connor is currently on loan with MVV.

A statement on the official MVV site included this from their Coach Ron Elsen:

“Kelechi is a multifunctional attacking midfielder with scoring ability and a nose for the ‘final pass. Following his transfer he joined Arsenal U23 and is a promising player.

“At football promise is valuable, but Arsenal will find that it is now time for him that he develops through at senior level.

“This is possible by making more playing time in a competition and in competition where it really matters.

“It is obvious to him that he played and was awarded the Golden Ball a key role for his country at the World Championships U17, Chile, captain last year. J

“upiler League we know the Golden Bull. That’s what he is now on have to focus.

“At MVV Maastricht Kelechi will have to show what he does and why he is included in the training at Arsenal.”