Takuma Asano has wasted no time in speaking to the official Stuttgart site after the Japanese forward was sent there on loan because the Germans have no trouble allowing talented non-EU youngsters into the country, unlike the UK.

Takuma Asano with Partizan Belgrade (Photo via Partizan on Twitter)
Takuma Asano with Partizan Belgrade (Photo via Partizan on Twitter)

If you don’t already know, Asano has a ridiculous goal celebration in which he mimics what is apparently a jaguar. The cat, not the car, although doing a car might only be slightly more stupid looking.

Let him explain it to you himself.

“I am a very fast players, so the fans at my last club Sanfrecce Hiroshima gave me the nickname “The Jaguar”. I just adjusted my celebration to suit my nickname.” (laughing)”

The good thing is he is relatively young and we have time to knock this sort of nonsense out of him.

Why do I think it’s daft? I’m not sure, I just do.

Don’t you?

Takuma Asano

Let’s not forget, its a short step from that above to this below:

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Co-ordinated celebrations are, well, just, no.

In the interview, he also talked about some non-stupid stuff. He continued, “I am a very communicative type of person – which is connected to the fact that I come from a very large family. On the pitch, I try to get into the challenges with a lot of pace and then look to shoot on goal.

“I watched German football and the German leagues during my time in Japan. I didn’t really have a lot of time to watch the games live though. I know VfB Stuttgart because Shinji Okazaki and Gotoku Sakai played here. I am so happy to play for VfB now too.