Our new signing, Rob Holding, has vowed to not take risks and to basically keep things simple when he’s defending.

A criticism that Arsenal players commonly get is that they try to overplay the ball sometimes, even in dangerous areas. This can result in us being dispossessed and our whole defence falling apart. It can get pretty embarrassing.

Holding, however, says this isn’t what he’s all about. Quite the opposite, actually.

“[In terms of my qualities], from the videos that have gone on the internet, a couple of tricks maybe in the box, which I probably won’t do straight away!” The 20-year-old said to Arsenal Player.

“Then just bringing the ball out and playing it on the ground to feet is what I think I do best.

“But I know when to clear it if there’s any danger. I’m not one to take risks.”


It’ll be refreshing to have a young player that isn’t more preoccupied with getting into Soccer AM’s Showboat segment than actually doing their job. No disrespect to our youngsters but when they’re lacking experience on the pitch, it’s easy to see what the world class players at big clubs do and think that’s what makes a player decent, when it doesn’t. Doing your job well makes you a good player, not how many stepovers you can get in before the opposition sticks their foot out and runs past you.

Get the basics down, don’t take risks and go from there.

I’m looking forward to seeing Holding on the pitch.

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