Another day another, no, not Labour resignation, but Wojcioech Szczesny-to-Roma rumour.

The latest, at the time of writing, was that Arsenal want to sell him but Roma only want him on loan.

I swear we went over this recently and it was all sorted with Roma withdrawing.

If it’s true that Arsenal are trying to sell him, I find that very surprising.

While he hasn’t progressed at the club as many would have hoped, he impressed in Italy and offers the club a great replacement for Petr Cech in a year or two when he’s too old to be the number one.

It would seem odd to just discard Woj after investing so much in him. Obviously, I understand not throwing money away on a busted balloon, but I don’t think we can say that Woj is there just yet. He’s not quite Nicklas Bendtner, is he?

Talks are taking place, according to reports and it’s not clear when anything will be sorted out. It’s interesting to remember that Woj himself said he knew where his future lay before the Euros.

Either that was bull or this is.

Standard for this time of the year, I guess.