Per Mertesacker has revealed that Arsene Wenger has not yet made a decision on who will replace Mikel Arteta as Arsenal captain or, if he has, he hasn’t told anyone.

During the start of the summer it was rumoured that the armband would go to Laurent Koscielny but as the weeks rumbled on, that rumour started to change and vice captain Per became the favourite.

That made the most sense to us because that’s what Wenger does – he just promotes the vice captain, but as Paul points out very well in his column this week, that doesn’t make it the right choice. Paul also asks isn’t it about time we had a captain who was actually on the pitch the majority of the time, a point that’s hard to argue with.

Speaking to ESPN after the 1-1 draw with Lens, the BFG, said no decision has been made yet. “No, I cannot confirm that [I have been made captain]. There’s nothing to say about that from my side.

“Everyone needs to take responsibility, especially in preseason and show himself from his best side. I think everyone does it,” the German said.

“And in the end, the manager makes his decisions on that front, who’s going to play and what are his plans for next season and for the future.

“I think there’s a lot more to discuss that are more interesting than the captain’s armband. I get along with any decision he takes because for me it doesn’t matter if I wear the band or not.”