Lyon are playing a risky game if they actually want to receive a substantial amount of money for Alexandre Lacazette.

The latest report from The Telegraph claims that Arsenal are ready to go back to the Ligue 1 club with an improved bid of £35m – our initial bid was €35m – but Lyon are going to offer him another contract. This is something that’s been said ever since we made the first offer, which Lyon very publicly rebuffed.

Meanwhile, Lyon’s coach, Bruno Genesio, claims that he’s confident that Lacazette will be staying put next season.

I have discussions with Lacazette,” he said to Lyon’s website.

“It’s my job to ask these players to be there. They are honest discussions between a coach and a player. We will not lose Lacazette, I am confident.”

Lyon’s president has also said that he ‘doesn’t expect’ Arsenal to come back with another bid, which is the biggest ‘I dare you’ I think I’ve ever heard.

What does this mean for Arsenal?

Well, it’s been pretty widely publicised that Lacazette does want a move to Arsenal but he also doesn’t want any drama. Lyon making their rejection of our offer so public has already drawn attention to the situation, something that Lacazette and Arsenal don’t want.

From Lyon’s point of view, this is all on purpose. They either want to scare Wenger away by putting what should be private information on display, something the boss has said he doesn’t like, or they want us to enter a bidding war.

Or, option number three, they want to create so much drama around the move that Lacazette opts to just stay put.

Either way, mind games are being played.