Remi Garde has revealed that the rumour he was once offered the role of Sporting Director at Arsenal is ‘not completely unfounded’ and has backed Arsene Wenger over the Thierry Henry ‘drama.’

Speaking to L’Equipe, the former Arsenal man and Aston Villa manager, said, when asked about the rumour in 2007 he was approached to undertake the role at the club, “It was a rumour that was not completely unfounded. It is true that this position interested me.”

remi garde lequipe interview

About Wenger, who opted to let Thierry Henry leave as u18 coach as he wouldn’t give up his Sky pundity gig, Garde added, “There I understand the decision of Arsene, because it seems to me difficult to reconcile the two functions.

“This crossover can quickly lead to ambiguous situations that make everyone uncomfortable.

“There is already enough tension born during the season and a coach cannot control [everything], you should avoid those [situations] that can be anticipated.

“The No. 1 criterion for recruitment, it does not need to be a former player of the club but to have the skills for the tasks of the position concerned.

“After, if the applicant has suffered for the club on the pitch, his profile is perfect. “