Francis Coquelin revealed via Arsenal’s official Snapchat recently that he’d been training at centre-back and “bossing it” but against the MLS All-Stars he was very much in midfield – so what’s going on? Is Wenger training him as back-up just in case we can’t sign someone?

Never able to pass up the opportunity to have a melt-down, Arsenal Twitter overreacted in typical Arsenal Twitter fashion when the defensive midfielder jokingly revealed that he’d been “bossing it” at centre-back in training.

People were then predictably quiet when he played in his regular position against the MLS All-Stars.

So, is Wenger preparing him for to stand-in for the injured Per Mertesacker? Potentially, but the boss has also confirmed that we’re on the look-out for an actual defender. I highly doubt we would deliberately play Coq in defence unless it was our only option, which it isn’t.

Settle down, people.