Despite reports declaring that West Ham are willing to pay £25m for Theo Walcott this summer, Youth Supporters Club chairman, Jack Sullivan, insists they’re not.

With Jamie Vardy seemingly days away from being named as Arsenal’s newest player, Walcott’s days in north London are looking numbered. Therefore, when the London Evening Standard broke the news on Monday that the Hammers were well up for paying £25m for the 27-year-old, no one was really surprised.

The forward, whose predicted potential as a Gunner never quite met fruition, has been linked with a move to east London for upward of £20m but this was the first definitive story we had on it. Although it wasn’t mentioned in said article, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been linked with a similar move.

However, hours after the news broken, regular tweeter and chairman of the Irons’ Youth Supporters Club claimed that this wasn’t happening.

The less we hear about Theo’s apparent transfer away from the club, the less I believe it’s going to happen. As obvious as that sounds, Danny Welbeck‘s knee injury was a game changer and may just have saved Theo’s Arsenal career.