Thursday was, of course, dominated by the news that Jamie Vardy had signed a new contract and would be staying at Leicester.

Praise Jebus!

Here at Cannon Towers over the course of this transfer saga, which has only lasted a couple of weeks despite feeling infinitely longer, we’ve not really known what to say about it. None of us wanted him but it looked, at one point, very like we were going to sign a racist who didn’t seem like he fit in anywhere at Arsenal, on or off the pitch.

Leicester’s announcement, then, has come as a massive relief.

Whom Arsenal turn to now, is still up for debate.

Other names have been mentioned, Alvaro Morata and Edinson Cavini to name just two overpriced options, three if you throw in Romelu Lukaku who has done his ridiculous price tag no favours during Euro 2016.

The main problem Arsenal are going to face is all the big hitters who are looking to increase their firepower and the lack of world class options available. This summer, strikers will be able to command whatever they want and some clubs are about to get very rich.

Of course, those clubs need to replace their players and the pressure on a limited market will increase.

It is into that supermarket that Arsene Wenger will go with his wage-capped offers.

With no Euro games to watch or talk about, it was a quiet day. Rumours came and went but no-one paid much attention.

There was talk of bids for Brazilian wonderkids who probably won’t get a work permit and other rumours that were just starting to bubble. We’re looking into those to see if we can find where they’ve come from and if there’s any likely truth to any of them. We’ll post what we find as always.

On the other side of the world, Alexis Sanchez and Chile helped send David Ospina and Colombia home, setting up a replay of last year’s final against Argentina.

Chile won the competition for the first time in their history with a penalty win in 2015 and they will be hoping for a repeat.

And that was about that.