Wojciech Szczesny started in goal for Poland as they beat a stubborn Northern Ireland on Sunday afternoon.

With both sets of fans showing how the Euros should be done before kick-off, the atmosphere was rocking in Nice where Northern Ireland attempted to stop a man who has scored more goals for his country than the Northern Irish had as a team in qualifying. They did that but unfortunately could not stop his teammate.


Woj had little to do, touching the ball a handful of times in the first half and not many more in the second. When Milik gave the Poles the lead after 51 minutes, Northern Ireland didn’t seem best equipped to get back into the game but they did come close a few times and forced Woj into a decent save when he came off his line sharply.

He looks, on this very limited display, like he could be maturing nicely (including the part where he nearly killed his teammate coming to claim a cross), and has learned how to concentrate when he’s had nothing to do, one of his biggest problems when at Arsenal.

This was the first game Northern Ireland have lost in 13 and the first Poland have won at a major tournament.