Mesut Ozil has committed the cardinal sin of being an Arsenal player: he’s answered a question about his future suggesting that he won’t be here until he’s 90. Shocking.

The playmaker, who has been named in Germany’s Euro 2016 squad (I know, shocking again), conducted a little question and answer session on his Twitter page on Thursday. Little did he know that one seemingly innocent answer to a loaded question would land him in so much trouble with the Arsenal fans.

The German midfielder who is from Germany, plays for Germany and came from – you guessed it – Germany, has admitted that he would maybe like to return to… Germany!

When asked by one Twitter user if he would ever play in the Bundesliga (in Germany) again, Ozil, the German, replied that you never know, insinuating that perhaps, maybe, possibly he could.

Cue Twitter hysterics. As if by returning to his home country one day in the future when he’s winding down is the somehow stabbing Arsenal in the back.

I understand that Gooners are anxious that the former Real Madrid man will be off in the summer since he didn’t sign up to a 50-year contract on the final day of the season but come on. And links with Bayern Munich mean tensions are already running high. However, people appear to have forgotten that he said the very same thing about finishing his career in England just weeks ago.

“I’m not saying that I definitely must return to the Bundesliga or spend time in Turkey,” Ozil said back in April.

“But I’m not ruling it out either. Maybe I’ll finish my career in England.”

I think it’s pretty clear that the 27-year-old isn’t thinking about the end of his footballing career just yet, nor does he know where he’s going to be in 10-years time. However, what he has said, is that he’s happy in London at the moment and genuinely seems to love playing for our club.

Will everybody just take some deep breaths, crack open a window, pour a glass of water and calm down for a hot minute?