After Hector Bellerin (and Aaron Ramsey) were selected for Vogue’s most stylish footballers at the Euros feature, we thought we’d take a look at some of the Spaniard’s ‘bolder’ looks.

Although the 21-year-old has grown up to be be pretty fashion forward, there were some right wavy garms in the early days. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

5 – Wet weather realness

On first glance, this isn’t the worst outfit in the world (those all belong to Alex Song). Although it does look a bit like the right-back is wearing a rain coat combined with a strangely-fitted dress (not that there’s anything wrong with the dress part, of course), and his cap is facing the wrong direction, you wouldn’t be too scared of him in the street. Particularly if you saw him in central London, which is where the picture was taken.

4 – Dustbin chic

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Going right back in the ol’ Instagram archives to November 2013, we have this gem of an outfit. Overall, not too outlandish, except for the fact that it looks as if it’s mad out of bin bags, and not even used ones, it’s way too wrinkled.

The Zoolander face just tops it off.

3 – M-Meggings? No. No, they’re leggings

Oddly enough, I actually quite like this mash-up of clothes that has somehow merged into a passable outfit.

Unfortunately, on the day this picture was taken of Bellerin, he forgot how to wear a jacket, which is a bit concerning but – no fear – he put on leggings (let’s stop with all this ‘meggings’ nonsense) underneath his shorts so he was nice and warm.

2 – 1970s Gentleman’s club

At Christmas, the Spain international posed for a light-hearted selfie with Joel Campbell, but little did Joel know that he was actually taking a picture with Hector’s time traveling grandfather from the 1970s.

1 – I got dressed in the dark but look at my cheekbones

I’m not sure what to say about the ‘winning’ outfit. Hector himself even looks a little confused. He looks like someone from a slapstick comedy film who’s tripped and fallen into a clothing rack – probably after slipped on a banana skin – and come away with various garments draped over him.

This image is the reason the “U ok hun?” meme was invented.

He’s got that chiseled pout on point though.