With Jamie Vardy’s decision over whether he will join Arsenal or stay with Leicester City set to be made on Monday afternoon, potentially leaving thousands of heartbroken Foxes in its wake, it’s difficult not to draw comparisons between the striker and Robin van Persie.

Essentially, could Vardy be to us what Van Ratface (still bitter) was to United? After excelling at the club which essentially made him and jumping ship in favour of a larger pay-packet, he has one good season, helps us win the title and then disappears, only to reappear somewhere in Turkey staring moodily into the distance.

The similarities… well, where do I begin? Parallels can be drawn from their ages and their existing club’s reliance on their goals in their final season to their unsavoury attitudes. There’s the thought that this could be their last big contract so they’re willing to ditch loyalty in favour of a tastier weekly wage and financial stability.

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 02: Jamie Vardy of England in action during the international friendly match between England and Portugal at Wembley Stadium on June 2, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

The key difference is that Van Weasle was in north London for eight years, scoring 96 Premier League goals in 194 appearances. We stood by him through a hell of a lot, all of which was forgotten when the Red Devils came a-knocking and the little boy inside of him gave us all second-hand embarrassment. Vardy only joined the Foxes in 2012 (the very same year Van Skidmark left us) and only started ‘having a party’ last season when he scored 24, five of which were from penalties.

With the striker’s decision getting closer, it’ll be interesting to see whether he does ‘pull a Robin van Persie’ and follow the money, or whether he’ll remain at Leicester and no doubt become an even bigger hero.

And if he does sign for us, will he win us the League and then flop? Or will he even fit in at all?

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