The Premier League fixtures list has been released and the Arsenal fans can now brace themselves for another rollercoaster season.

For many fans, the fixture list release day kicks off their season. They can start organising their life around the fixtures. Some make sure there are no weddings or anniversaries that clash with the games.

As always, expectations come with the list and many will hope to see the Arsenal finish top of the League. Any place below is seen as a failure, as seen with the runner-up place this season.

Games against traditional rivals, like the lot down the road and their potatoes or the team with their taxpayer-funded ground at their new home, always bring interest. As well as games against the new Manchester managing duo: the brilliant Pep Guardiola and the one who likes to sack women doing their job properly.

As we all know, that the fixture list is just provisional until the big money backers ie BT Sport and Sky Sports put their greasy hands on them and start messing things around.

Here are the fixtures I am looking forward to see in the next nine months:

Chelsea H 24 Sept

Spurs H 05 Nov

West Ham A 03 Dec

Leicester H 11 Mar

City H 01 Apr

Spurs A 29 Apr

United H 06 May

Let’s hope Arsene and the boys can do a good job next season.