Born in Caerphilly, South Wales, Aaron Ramsey is the eighth Welshman to play for Arsenal.

Here are seven mildly interesting facts about his home town:

Never mind the b*llocks

Caerphilly featured in the Sex Pistols documentary, ‘The Filth and the Fury’ after protests were held outside the Castle Cinema in 1976 when the Pistols were playing there.

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Just like that

Not many famous people have hailed from the town, which is perhaps not surprising given its small population of just over 30,000. The most famous, after Rambo, is comedian Tommy Cooper. His family left when he was three to escape the heavily polluted air.



The annual food fair, the Big Cheese, saw almost three times the population of the town, arrive to eat cheese, watch fireworks and witness the cheese race that takes place around the castle. Caerphilly used to be a centre for cheese production and the majority of Caerphilly cheese now comes from Somerset and Wiltshire (not Wilshere).

Caerphilly cheese

Fancy that

Caerphilly’s only art gallery, Y Galeri, opened in 2012.

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The South East Tower of Caerphilly Castle leans at a greater angle than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The castle itself is the second biggest in Britain, only outdone by Windsor.

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The Castle is said to be haunted by ‘The Green Lady,’ the ghost of Princess Alice of Angouleme who allegedly dropped dead upon hearing the news that her husband had killed her lover.

The Princess was betrayed by a monk she had trusted with her secret, and her husband, Gilbert de Clare, sent her back to France before hanging her lover, Gruffudd the Fair, Prince of Brithdir, and sending a message to his estranged wife about his actions.

The monk was also hanged – but by Gruffudd, before he met the same fate.

Green Lady

Finally, Aaron Ramsey’s school, Ysgol Gyfun Cwn Rhymni is on Twitter.