There will always be disappointment that Arsenal didn’t win the Premier League this season but Arsène Wenger has graciously congratulated Leicester City nonetheless for being crowned champions.

The Foxes have defied everyone to maintain a high level of performance all season and ultimately win the title.

“Congratulations to their chairman, to (Claudio) Ranieri and to the players because it’s a remarkable achievement,” Arsène Wenger said on Friday morning.

“The fact is their success is based on team spirit, on deep qualities of our game and that makes it even more fantastic.”

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Arsène Wenger watched his Arsenal side beat Leicester City twice this season but the Foxes have tasted defeat in just one of their other 34 Premier League games. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

Leicester were crowned champions after just 36 games on Monday evening when Spurs failed to beat Chelsea. Of those 36 they’ve lost just three, two of which were against Arsenal.

“If you look at their results you have to say they lost only three games. That’s remarkable when you look at the number of competitors they have and the quality of the competitors.

“As well it was done in an unusual way: does that give us some food for thought? They had low possession, that’s very unusual. Even the accuracy was not the best but they were strong at what they did – they defended very well and they were very strong on counter-attacks.”

Leicester’s style will have everyone in the Premier League questioning themselves but Arsenal will continue to play the same way, broadly speaking, even if Arsène Wenger hopes to adapt his side a little over the summer.

A manager who has gone through an unbeaten title-winning campaign, Wenger believes Leicester’s title win is the most surprising and impressive thing done since he arrived in England two decades ago.

“They were unexpected. Will it last, is it a trend in coming seasons? I don’t know.

“It’s the most unexpected and the biggest achievement I’ve seen here.”