Good ol’ Dave Ospina pulled off a brilliant save during Colombia’s 3-1 win over Haiti on Sunday.

The goalkeeper managed to block a shot from more or less point-blank range and, joking aside, it was pretty decent.

To be fair, shot-stopping and blocking the ball have never been the 27-year-old’s weak points. Holding onto in the area and handling the ball in general… now that’s a different story. However, take nothing away from the guy, he did well.

It’s still unclear whether Ospina will be staying with Arsenal. He’s only made four appearances in the Premier League this past season and that was only because Petr Cech was injured. The Colombian made it clear in the past that he’s unhappy with the lack of playing time and will consider his position in the summer, with Besiktas being linked.

If Wojciech Szczesny ends up staying on at Roma for another season, we’ll need to keep hold of him and it doesn’t sound as if we’re lining up anyone else. What this space.