Wojciech Szczesny has told the Italian press that he ‘learned more in six months with Spalletti that in ten years at Arsenal.’

In what is a damming indictment of the coaching at Arsenal, the Pole has also revealed that he can’t tell us where his future lies, with both Arsenal and Roma an option for next season, but that he himself knows where he will be.


“I have learned more in six months with Spalletti that in ten years at Arsenal,” Woj told Corriere dello Sport while on international duty with Poland.

“The Mister is very thorough in preparing for the matches.

“He demanded special training on how to restart the play (when Szczesny had the ball). With Nanni (the goalkeeping coach) I was fine, he is a great professional, who I appreciate as a man and as a coach.

“I love working with him, I never get bored, there is a good feeling with him and the other goalkeepers. It makes me want to work even harder. We spent much time together and a great friendship was born. If I made a step forward in my career it is thanks to him.”


Woj also spoke about the season he had in Italy, saying “I consider this season very positive, I had to change mentality quickly, it was a very important opportunity for me.

“It was a waste of time to sit on the bench in London. I was thinking of winning the Scudetto in Rome, I did not succeed, but I grew as a goalkeeper.

“Spalletti made a difference for me, he gives great importance to the details and, at minimum, wants the goalkeeper to know how to play with the ball at this feet.”


About his future, he added “My future? I know where I will play next year, but I can not reveal it now. If I stay at Roma I can still improve, if I go back to Arsenal, I will treasure my experience in Italy.

“At Roma I was fine, but I know that Arsenal has paid part of my salary last season, and I have two more years left on my contract with them.”

What next?

It’s very hard to see Woj playing any role at Arsenal next season.

Petr Cech will still be the number one and Woj isn’t likely to want to return to a role on the bench after being first choice for Roma all season.

The only thing really to decide is if Arsenal let him go on loan again or if they sell him outright.

It’s hard to see them opting for the latter choice given Cech’s age and I would still expect Woj to be in line to be Arsenal’s number one in a few seasons.

That’s if he has the patience.