If you think that Arsenal regularly get shafted by referees, then you are right.

Mistakes by the officials in last season’s Premier League campaign cost the Gunners the title according to a report in the Sun.

Their panel of ‘experts’ looked at every game from the season and determined that if all goals that should have stood had been allowed and all key-penalty box decisions had been given correctly, Leicester’s fairy-tale win would have been nothing more than a story of ‘so near, yet so far’.

In addition, United and City wouldn’t have even finished in the top five.

The Gunners would have only been two points better off, but Leicester would have lost a whopping 10, cancelling out their lead and pushing them in to second place.

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via The Sun

Decisions even themselves out over the course of a season?

That’s always been a lie, and this just proves it.

[UPDATE: For the sake of clarity after receiving a few tweets, I always moan about refs. This seemed like the ultimate moan. I don’t actually think that Arsenal should have won the title ahead of Leicester who deserved it]