When it comes to awards, I’m not overly sure why we let football writers give them out.

I guess it’s because they spend all season writing about these players that they are supposed to know more about them, but the truth is, if you want an unbiased look at anything in football, a bookmakers like 888sport would be a better bet.

Many football writers spend all season, not writing about players, but creating narratives. They then watch their cronies follow these narratives in rival papers and before you know it, their drip-drip-drip agenda becomes public opinion.

So it is perhaps not surprising at all that no writers placed a single vote for Mesut Ozil as player of the season given that many of them spend more time telling us he’s a flop than actually watching him on a football pitch.

This season is probably a poor one to make this point. It’s hard to see how anyone could vote for a non-Leicester player, but while I haven’t seen the breakdown of votes, I’m sure some managed t scribble down a Tottenham player or twos name.

Ozil has been stuck on 18 Premier League assists for the season for what feels like an eternity and has now got just two games left to break Thierry Henry’s record of 20. This isn’t a reflection of Ozil, he’s been setting them up. His stat stagnation is solely the responsibility of the team around him who do everything they can to avoid putting away the chances he sets up.