Aaron Ramsey is pleased with how training is going with the Welsh national team.

The midfielder, who just recently got slaughtered by Arsenal fans on Twitter after he admitted that he’d like to play in La Liga one day, posted a picture of his tattooed (and formerly broken) leg in the sun, claiming that he’d had a great week of training.

“Barca plays very good football and Arsenal want to do the same. I’ve said it once: I would love to someday play in La Liga, at one of the greats,” Ramsey told Marca recently.

“I see their league each week. It suits my style. Maybe I will someday, who knows what will happen in the future?”

Although the comments themselves were nothing new from Rambo, they definitely succeeded in rubbing Gooners up the wrong way considering that although he’s a great player, he hasn’t quite hit his stride for us. He also seemed just a little too eager to jump ship, which is pretty far removed from Arsenal’s usually strictly-monitored, polished interviews.

On one hand, it’s good to see him being honest. On the other…