Borussia Monchengladbach’s director, Max Erbel, has admitted that they couldn’t refuse Arsenal’s offer for Granit Xhaka as it will allow them to purchase ‘sensible additions’ (plural).

The 23-year-old was officially announced as an Arsenal player on Wednesday despite signing on Friday in a five-year deal that will see him earn between £100k and £130k depending on which reports you read.

The transfer fee, said to be €45m, was too big for Gladbach to refuse, as Erbel explains, “We lost a very good player, but the agreed price gives us the opportunity to [purchase] sensible additions to our squad. 

“We would like to thank Granit for his hard work and dedication for Gladbach the past four years and wish him the best in his new club in London.”


Meanwhile, former Arsenal man and fellow Swiss international, Johan Djourou, popped his head out of the shadows to extoll the virtues of his country man. Djourou told the Mirror  “Granit is a great ball player. The guy has a magical left foot.

“He can ping the ball all over the place. He is a strong tackler – he is very hard going into tackles – and overall he is a very, very, very good player.

“He can see a pass. He can tackle, he can assist. I would say, if I am being honest, there is a little bit of a Pirlo about him, just in terms of the precision that he plays the ball with. Granit can play those types of ball.

“He can come and get the ball and ping it 40 yards onto your feet. He is that kind of player, but with more physicality to his game.

“It is hard to give a perfect description but I would say he has a bit of Pirlo about him.”