At the end of the season it’s always time to take a look back at what happened over the previous nine or so months.

This week’s infograph will do just that – review the stats showing how Arsenal did in the league during last season.

The Premier League is only one of four competitions, as you know, that Arsenal playedbut I think the league is the best indicator of how good or bad Arsenal were.

Let’s take a look at the stats, and there are many.

I collected them from a few sites, and on Twitter as well, and tried to cover the most important parts from goals to best players and everything in between.

As we all know, Arsenal finished 2nd (hahaha Spurs – yes, still). We managed to collect 71 points (only 71 points, I dare to say), from 20 wins and 11 draws. Most of the time we spent in 3rd place, with our lowest position being 20th after we lost to the Hammers in the first game.

We managed to score almost double the amount of goals that we conceded.

The most “productive” part of the match, for both scoring and concedin,g was between 30th and 40th minute. There is a misconception that we concede a lot from set pieces but this season we scored more than conceded. Actually, only three teams conceded fewer than us from set pieces.

The on-off target shot ratio isn’t that good and is definitely something we should work on for next season.

One thing is sure, our goalkeeper(s) stepped up this season.

Čech won the Golden Glove with 16 clean sheets, and Ospina added two more when he was replacing him in March.

Our tackling was more unsuccessful than successful, but we also suffered more fouls than committed. Our players only got four red cards over the season, and 42 yellows.

As for possession, Arsenal are still good at keeping the ball most of the time with average possession over 50% and pass accuracy at a pretty high 85%. Players, all together, created 464 chances for those 65 goals, with Özil creating a record-breaking 144 for his 19 assists.

Özil was our best player this season, we all know that. He created the most chances, had the most successful passes and most assists. Giroud scored 16 goals in the league which makes him our best scorer in this competition.

New signing Elneny was a spot-on transfer with his 93% pass accuracy. Danny Welbeck had the best shot accuracy and I cannot think what might have been if he wasn’t injured so much.

Shocker at the end, Coquelin collected the most cards, 6 yellows and 1 red.

That’s about it, there are more stats below so take a look and share it around. Hopefully next season’s infograph will be even better.

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