Alex Iwobi has become the latest Arsenal player to change his shirt number, this time changing from 45 to Alexis’s old number, 17.

Earlier on Friday it was announced that new boy, Granit Xhaka would not be getting 34 as Twitter had been speuclating but would, instead, get Aaron Ramsey’s 16. That shirt had been freed up by Mikel Arteta’s decision to leave meaning Ramsey could move to 8.

Petr Cech is also expected to change,but at this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a load more people move as well.

Earlier this week it was reported that Arsenal were not pleased about Iwobi joining up with Nigeria for the Olympics in Rio but it seems that there is no truth to these rumours and the club will not stand in his way.

Nigeria’s coach, Samson Sia Sia had told “[Dick Law] said that he wants Iwobi to stay with Arsenal because they are having a new team and Alex is getting to play in the team for now.

“He said if he leaves to play for Nigeria at the Olympics how is he going to be a part of the team and maybe someone is going to take his position.”

Arsenal, however, denied this after being contacted by the London Evening Standard.