Hector Bellerin has been speaking to the media in Spain and his comments have left enough space for just about every dodgy media outlet in the country to misrepresent them.

For what is, I think, the third time he’s reiterated that he is happy at Arsenal, the Spanish defender said he’s happy at Arsenal. But it’s likely to be the remainder of his comments that will cause problems.

Speaking to a radio station in Spain, Bellerin said [via Google translate] “When you have a good season, always you hear things like that but I don’t know much about this. My agent does my work.

“I’ve said I’m very happy now where I am and I do not think about anything other than my selection [for the national team], to do well and see if I have a chance.

“If Dani Alves goes, it is true that [Barcelona] need a right-sided player, but there are many in Europe and, now, as I say, I’m not sure what is going on.”

Another version, translated by the Daily Mirror (which the Daily Star say he gave the quotes to), reads “I don’t really get informed about offers.

“My agent is the one that works on these sort of things, but I’m happy to receive interest from such great clubs. As a player it’s really nice.

“Right now I’m very happy where I am, at Arsenal and focusing on the national team.

“With these things, you don’t know what to do until they arrive.

“If Alves leaves they will need a full-back, there are lots in Europe.”

As you can see, Bellerin was clearly asked some leading questions. What’s he going to say if asked about Dani Alves leaving? That Barcelona *don’t* need a player to replace him?

Despite saying he’s more than happy at Arsenal, I’ve a funny feeling we will see Hector head back to Barca sometime. I just don’t think it will be this summer.

Still, won’t it be nice to another three or four-years of a Cesc-like saga every summer?


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