Hector Bellerin has revealed that when he first moved to London, Mikel Arteta and his wife, Lorena Bernal, ‘adopted’ him and helped him settle.

The Arsenal captain was himself a product of the Barcelona youth academy so when Hector arrived as a 16 year-old, it was the most natural fit to have Miki take him under his wing. That being said, not all club captains (or their wives) would be happy to undertake such a role, preferring to spend the time keeping up with the news about Tiki Island slotto or something.

Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal pose with their new baby
Arteta and his missus Lorenal Bernal [via Google]
Luckily, Arteta is that sort of person, and it’s one of the reasons he is going to make a great manager.

“Mikel and his wife adopted me when I arrived,” Bellerin told El Pais. “I was a kid and he has been like a father to me. And when my girlfriend first arrived.

“He has been instrumental in my integration into the Arsenal. I am very attached to him, Cazorla and Monreal.

“I guess it shows [that Arteta came through the Barca youth ranks], of course. It speaks in his attitude, his treatment of his peers, as you train and comete. Yes, it is noticed.”

But it’s not just those three that helped Bellerin. He also revealed that Bacary Sagna helped him out a lot too. “Sagna was like a teacher,” he continued. “He was very close [?] at Arsenal and he was a very complete player.”

This summer looks like we could be treated to what is likely to be the first of many Bellerin/Barca sagas.

Remember how much fun that was with Fabregas?

Anyway, the one thing we can perhaps count on is that Bellerin does not seem to show the same desire to return home as Cesc did. That was always something we knew would happen sooner rather than later.

Whether or not Hector changes his mind, however, will most likely depend on how Arsenal do on the pitch.