There are different types of fans.

Some are content to check in from time-to-time while others live and breathe everything to do with their club.

In between there are all sorts of normal people, but normal bores me so they’re not who I’m here to discuss.

I’m talking the superfan, the devotee, the one who seems to have nothing else going on except Arsenal.

I’m probably talking about myself.

So how do you know if you might be addicted to Arsenal and not just one of those regular, well-adjusted normal types?


Here’s how. See how many of these you identify with and then you’ll be able to draw your own conclusions.


Do you always check the fixture list before committing to any sort of event, gathering or party? Do you then refuse to attend said event if it clashes with a game? Do your family know better than to invite you to something when they know there’s a game on?

My sister wanted me at the birth of her first child, and my first nephew. Before asking she checked the Arsenal fixtures and, seeing that Arsenal were due to play Chelsea the day after she was set to give birth, she asked. When he turned one she checked the fixture list again before arranging his party.

In the end, I had to miss Arsenal at Spurs because they changed the fixture list and I haven’t shut up about it since.

That was more than three years ago.


Do Arsenal dictate your emotions? If they win are you happy for days on-end and if they lose a complete miserable little sh*t to be around? They day we lost 8-2 at Old Trafford my family said they knew not to phone me for a couple of days.

I’m one of those people.


Whether decorating yourself or your house is your first thought to get something red, preferably with white? Does this choice extend to gifts people buy you?


Do you turn down the chance to go on a date with someone super hot just because they’re a Sp*rs fan? Does the fact that someone supports Arsenal mean you are more likely to be friendly with them and not think they’re a total idiot just because of who they support?


Do you only agree to go on holiday when you know Arsenal won’t be playing? You might even check to see where Arsenal are going for their pre-season tour and drag your family along with you.


No matter how bad it gets following the team, do you always maintain the hope that, one day, you’ll feel the same high you used to when you first started following them? Do you find yourself constantly going back for more, unable to stop yourself even though you know it’s only going to make you sad or angry or disappointed?


Does most of your money go on supporting Arsenal? From season tickets to red memberships and single tickets to away days, replica kits, TV subscriptions, and all other manner of merchandise, are you willing to sacrifice in other areas of your life to make sure you always have your Arsenal fix?

Chances are, if you identified with a couple of things from this list, you’re addicted.

Supporting a football team is far from a rational thing but, for some of us, we’re just a little bit more crazy about it than others.

I know I am, are you?