Arsene Wenger has said that we should not concentrate on the league table but pay attention to the club’s ‘process’ and ‘quality’ – two of the very things that have been p*ssing fans off so much this season.

I love this man, I really do, but sometimes the things he comes out with just don’t help matters at all.

During his entire time at Arsenal he has repeatedly told us that a league table is the only true gauge of a side and now we are expected to ignore it to focus on the quality of the side?

Is that the quality that threw away a home lead v Crystal Palace? Or a two-goal lead v West Ham? Or maybe the one that got humiliated by United kids at Old Trafford or dismantled and sent home in pieces by Bayern Munich? And Barcelona.

“We want to win our games and instead of focusing on the table I think it is very important to focus on the process and quality of what we do,” Wenger said after watching his side beat a god-awful West Brom side on Thursday night.

“At the moment that is frustrating as there is a lot of quality in our game, but we haven’t got the wins that we wanted. We have to focus on that.

“You expect that from ambitious, professional football players. We have values at this club that we respect until the last minute of the season. We need to show we have the mental level to compete until the end.”

This about the side that struggles to show the mental level to compete for just 90 minutes.