Pedro may not know it, but his desire to make sure that he’s not part of the first Chelsea team in 26 years to lose at home to Tottenham could help Arsenal catch their north London rivals.

Arsenal welcome Norwich to the Emirates this weekend and will surely be looking to put in a performance after being dire against Sunderland last week.

After Spurs drew with West Brom on Monday, Arsene Wenger’s men are five points behind them with just three games left.

Chelsea despise Tottenham almost as much as Arsenal do, and while there is certainly no love lost between Chelsea and Arsenal themselves, it seems like beating Spurs comes well before worrying about helping Arsenal.


“Is it another incentive that beating Spurs will stop them winning the League? Yes. But the most important thing for us is to win this match,” Pedro said.

“The fact it could have an effect on the championship and be advantageous to Leicester is secondary. Leicester have played really well this season and deserve to be where they are. 

“I realise this is a big big game for the Chelsea fans, the players. I know it is a really important derby in England and a match that is always played with a lot of passion and emotion.

“We know that Tottenham are well placed in the League, that they are having a really good campaign, but we want to get this big win for the club and the fans.”

After Chelsea, Tottenham welcome Southampton to the Lane on the same weekend Arsenal travel to City while in the final game of the season, Mauricio Pochettino’s men will play Newcastle at St. James’ and Arsenal will host Villa at the Emirates.

Let’s hope the dropped points on Monday have damaged Tottenham’s players enough that they play like they’ve had a dodgy lasagne.

It’s our only hope this season.