After Arsenal’s win over Everton on Saturday, Arsene Wenger seemed to issue a rallying call to fans ahead of the title run in.

He also appeared to have a dig at them, highlighting the pressure the team have had to perform under recently.

Before the game I’d been thinking about the different atmospheres amongst the fans of the sides in the title race and had written what follows. It seems to fit now.

No matter how angry you are at Wenger at the minute, you have to admit one thing – he has it harder than his rivals.

Three teams could be realistically said to be going for the title, with Arsenal the outside shot of the trio.

Of the three, only one team is having to do it while their manager is under pressure and the players are being booed.

I’m not saying these things shouldn’t be happening, but I am wondering what might happen to the players on the pitch if we stopped acting like Arsenal fans for a minute and started learning some lessons from the ways Leicester fans are responding to their team.

Of course, the parallels between the teams are few and far between but only one thing should matter at this point of the season – both are trying to win the Premier League.

We might not be where we think we should be, but we are in there – if only by the skin of our teeth.

What difference could we make if we encouraged and cheered rather than nit picked?

It’s easier said than done, but perhaps we could give it a go, pretend we’re supporting a side that could win the Premier League.

If they don’t? Then we can act like spoiled brats – myself included!

Watch his interview here if you haven’t already seen it.

After all this, it appears that I’m back on board the Wenger bus. Unlike previous journeys, I’m standing until the end of the season rather than taking a seat.

I want nothing more than to see him pull this off but one good result and two good performances haven’t totally convinced me that he can do it any more.