Arsene Wenger hailed his side’s 4-0 win over Hull in the FA Cup and declared ‘we do not always need confidence!’

Many criticised Arsenal for being mentally fragile recently, and their recent run of form has seen the pressure increase on Wenger’s men.

The fightback at White Hart Lane at the weekend, with only 10 men, seems to have given many connected with the club a lift. The ease with which they brushed Steve Bruce’s men aside would seem to back that up.

However, speaking after the game, Wenger hinted that confidence and self-belief are not all they are cracked up to be.

“We had a great game on Saturday, and I was quite amazed by the response we got from that game,” he said.

“Overall, I believe that we do not always need confidence, you can play well when your confidence is not at the highest.

“Our job is to play, and I believe that we have a great spirit in the team, and we have shown that again tonight.”

Arsenal now face Watford in the quarter-finals of the competition with the schedule being rearranged quite quickly to accommodate the fixture.

Wenger admitted after the Hull match that, with Barcelona on the horizon, he would have loved to have been able to play on Saturday. This was when the West Brom match was originally scheduled.

It is worth nothing that if Hull had gone through they would have played on Saturday.

TV companies, once again, not common sense, dictating when clubs play.