Speaking to the press on Friday morning, Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger hit back at Thierry Henry.

Arsenal’s all-time top goalscorer, Henry is living in London now and attends most games when he isn’t working for Sky Sports. Also writing a column for The Sun, Henry is pretty outspoken on the club and can stray into controversy at times.

It’s hard to tell why, maybe just for more viewers or readers or attention, but he doesn’t exactly defend Arsenal and he went in hard again this week, claiming that he’s never seen the fans as angry as they were on Wednesday night.

Red Bulls Thierry Henry (L) and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger embrace prior to the friendly match between Arsenal and the New York Red Bulls July 26, 2014, 2014 at Red Bulls Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. AFP PHOTO/Don Emmer
What’s coming between Thierry Henry and Arsène Wenger at the moment? (DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

“Thierry Henry has his opinions,” Wenger said when the issue was raised ay London Colney. “He has not found the measurement of the fans angriness, (the angriness) of 60,000 people straight away because he sits in the best seats in the stadium”


To be fair Arsène has a point, and I don’t think Henry is the most objective observer. That’s not just because he loves the club, but because he seems more than happy to stir controversy now and then.

Anyway, Thierry was in America for much of 2011 and the 2012/13 season which remains the angriest I’ve seen Arsenal fans under Wenger. Maybe we’re getting close to that level of anger now, and we certainly will if the unthinkable happens on Saturday.