After we spanked Hull 4-0 on Tuesday, traveling fans unfurled a banner asking Arsene Wenger to step down – what does he think of it?

The boss shrugged off the protest, claiming that he just does his job and that he doesn’t care. He even referred to the questions in his press conference as ‘boring’.

“There’s nothing disappointing for me. You know, I do my job,” Wenger said.

“Look at the history of the club, since the club exists, and you will see that I have nothing to be scared of.

“I don’t care. I do not want to speak about that because it is always the same story.

“I told you already sometimes the press conferences are very boring and it is enough now.

“If you have any questions, you ask anybody else but you don’t come back to me with that.”

It does seem as if the banner has struck a nerve with Wenger. He’s only human and although he claims not to care, if your own fans want you out of the job, that must be hard to take. Hopefully, he realises that said fans are in the vast minority and that most of us were embarrassed by the banner.

I understand why the fans would do it, considering recent results. As fans, we don’t have much of a voice compared to our board and if we (I use ‘we’ generally) don’t feel like we’re being heard, this is presumably the only way we feel we can get their points across. I get that. But unravelling it after we’ve just spanked a team 4-0 means the message gets a little lost. I’m all for freedom of speech but it was embarrassing.