Arsene Wenger admitted that he loves winning and that losing makes him unhappy ahead of our Premier League clash with Everton.

In other news: water is wet.

Nobody likes to lose. However, some believe Wenger has grown a little nonchalant when it comes to Arsenal’s poor form recently. The boss reassured the press that this is far from the case and that he’s a born winner.

“I love to win and that desire to win is my motivator,” he said.

“I believe you’re born like that and you may spend your whole life like that and that’s what motivates me to give the team a good chance to win the game. I have enough experience to deal with that but of course when we don’t win I’m unhappy.

“There are good developments in our team and we want to take advantage of that until the end of the season.”

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BARCELONA, SPAIN – MARCH 16: Arsene Wenger Manager of Arsenal gestures during the UEFA Champions League round of 16, second Leg match between FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC at Camp Nou on March 16, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Football managers have to be competitive and have a strong desire to win at all costs. I do believe that Wenger still has it but now the winning has grown difficult and the desire isn’t fueling the right decisions. Can he turn things around and get back to winning ways? I’m not sure but I do believe he wants to.

To insinuate that Wenger somehow enjoys losing is bizarre. Why would anyone enjoy the treatment he’s endured after huge losses? Just because we’re not winning consistently, doesn’t indicate that he’s happy about it.