MK Don’s boss, Karl Robinson, has called on the powers-that-be to ban Yaya Sanogo for the rest of the season.

The Arsenal forward was sent off after 96 minutes for an elbow off-the-ball. For apparently no reason whatsoever, Yaya swung his right arm into the face of Dons’ defender, Antony Kay.

Speaking after the match, Robinson said “It was disgusting. He should be banned for the rest of the season.

“He’s clearly, off the ball, had a go and then a second one. Rob Hall too was clotheslined on the far side of the pitch.

“Some of the tackles were borderline assault. I was expecting to see the police in the tunnel at full-time.

“I know it’s about the fight and competing for survival in one of the most difficult leagues in Europe, but there has to be an element of control.

“It’s not acceptable. He could have broken his jaw. Their manager [Jose Riga] didn’t shake my hand until we were in the tunnel either, so it ended on a bitter note for me.”

This is the only footage of the incident that I could find:

I mean, it was stupid and clearly a red card, but a season-long ban? Catch yourself on! And they say the Premier League sides are soft!

As it stands, Sanogo will serve a three-game ban during which he will do his best not to get injured.

The game finished 0-0.