Yaya Sanogo was apologetic after his straight red card on Tuesday night.

The Arsenal forward, on loan with Charlton, was sent off after 96 minutes of their draw against MK Dons. He hit out with his elbow off the ball and the referee, Charles Breakspear, showed him a straight red.

After the game, Charlton boss José Riga told reporters that Sanogo ‘knows he did wrong’ but also added that sentiment doesn’t help his side who will now have to do without Yaya for three games.

“We don’t need this, of course. It was similar to Harry [Lennon] in the Preston game”, Riga said.

“I know behind what we try to do and in the context, there is a big frustration, but that is not the way to show it.

“We have to put our energy elsewhere and, I repeat, we don’t need this situation.

“There’s a lot of difficulties to manage, and he knows he did wrong. He apologised for that, but in reality, it’s too late. We need to be more professional and clever.”

Sanogo seems to have adapted to life at Charlton well, but he will need to cut this sort of impudence from his game if he is to make it. He is already got enough to contend with having to control his legs; he does not need to worry about his arms as well.