Aaron Ramsey believes that Eric Dier would have got a yellow card – if he hadn’t already been booked.

The Tottenham man committed the most clear-cut yellow card offence you are likely to see.

Despite looking straight at it and only standing a couple of yards away, Michael Oliver managed to give the freekick but not the booking.

Speaking after the match, Arsene Wenger said that referees should have to do press conferences after the game while Ramsey didn’t seem best pleased himself.

(this is Ramsey, this is as angry as he gets)

“Yeah, maybe [Dier should have been sent-off],” Ramsey said.

“Giroud’s the other side of him, we had runners going off him, so we were in a dangerous position, and he’s brought him down.

“If he wasn’t on the yellow card, I’m sure one would have been given for that. That’s up to the ref.

“Sometimes they give them, sometimes they don’t. That’s something that we have to deal with.”

After Michael Oliver’s refereeing performance at Old Trafford in the FA Cup, many Arsenal fans still believe that he’s a referee who is usually a good one for Arsenal and just had a bad day on Saturday.

This is not true.

Arsenal have won only two of the last 12 games he’s been in charge of while they have lost five and drawn five.