Mauricio Pochettino was disappointed after his side failed to beat Arsenal despite being handed every advantage. And he was also pleased they didn’t lose to Ramsey’s late effort.

OK then.

His side will never have a better chance than they got on Saturday to tonk Arsenal.

Despite putting two past the Gunners when they had a man advantage, they couldn’t hold on to the points and, in the end, were lucky not to lose it to a late Aaron Ramsey chance.

Still, the Tottenham boss thought his side should have won while admitting they were fortunate not to lose, played the better football, and lost points rather than gaining one.

”Well I think that we can speak a lot about the game, I am very pleased with the effort,” he told BTSport after the match.

“In the first half, we concede a goal when we fully deserved to score because we managed the game from the beginning.

“But you know, sometimes it’s difficult. We have in front, a very good side like Arsenal, It’s true at 2-1, a little disappointed [in] the final result but you know, the last action of the penetration of Ramsey at the end, I think that we need to be pleased and happy and I think that we keep the three points against Arsenal and I think we play much better than them.

“Disappointed because at 2-1, 11 by 10 but you know in front, they have very good players and can happen [sic] and I think the action was our mistake and we feel disappointed because we lose two points but you know it is always difficult to play against Arsenal, a big derby but the answer after the West Ham game was fantastic from my team.

“We are in a very good position, two points with the top and I know we have nine games ahead.”

So do we Poch, so do we.