Mauricio Pochettino hailed David Ospina as one of the best players on the pitch after his side failed to beat Arsenal despite being favourites and having more players.

Ospina made nine saves against Spurs, the most by an Arsenal keeper in the league since 2009 in derbies, but he still left many fans with questions. Questions like ‘Do his fingers not work?’ and ‘Are his hands really bricks?’

Making one splendid save early on, Ospina then refused to try even to catch anything for the whole match. That wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for his insistence on slapping it into danger.

I digress.

Speaking after the match, Pochettino said “I think Ospina was one of the best players on the pitch.”

See. Told you that is what he said.

Perhaps I am being more than a little harsh on Dave. I can see that.

I am just so scarred by our keepers over recent years that if he is not called ‘Petr’ and wearing a daft helmet, then I am not going to trust you.